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Nimbus W9 Makes World Premiere

Nimbus W9 Makes World Premiere


Nimbus W9 Makes World Premiere

The new Nimbus W9 made its world premiere at Boot Düsseldorf. The new craft

is a high-speed day cruiser and weekend boat designed for social activities, offering overnight accommodation for up to four people. The W9 can be equipped with an inboard or outboard engine and is the first boat in an entirely new series of eight models, although it features the functionality and many of the design elements of previous models, including the broad foredeck and the design and function of the side windows with an integrated canvas hood cover.

The W9’s hull is long, with a sharp bow section and a relatively flat hull at the stern. The Nimbus development team has purposely made every effort to maintain a low centre of gravity and to obtain a beneficial length-to-width ratio that causes the boat

to take a certain wavelength and cover the ocean safely. The new hull is designed to make the W9 fast, with a maximum speed of up to 40+ knots.

For full details on the new W9 and all Nimbus boats go to nimbus.se.


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