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Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC

This is a great boat that I enjoyed driving in the lumpy conditions of the day. It is solidly constructed and consequently does not complain when used for the purpose for which it is built. It is not a jack-of-all-trades all-rounder, though it is more than just a fishing boat. It offers a practical sporting […]

Buster Phantom Cabin

The Phantom Cabin is an extraordinarily well-sorted driver’s boat, with very reassuring positivity in its responses to input at the helm. Buster’s flagship platform is a very lucid expression of Nordic priorities. The spec sheet for the Phantom Cabin makes for impressive reading … Alex Smith tests the biggest boat yet to emerge from Buster’s […]

Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops

It has been designed and built on a no-compromise basis in terms of performance, seakeeping, handling and functionality. Such a purist approach is inevitably expensive even in boating terms, but the end result is a craft as close to perfection as you are likely to find in this size and category. The steering is as […]


Yamaha XTO Offshore 425

Servicing is made all the easier by a flushing connector on the front of the powerhead … In addition to an oversized gear case, which is claimed to be the most hydrodynamic Yamaha have designed, there are hardened gears and superstrength engine mounts. … the XTO 425 has the bonus of DFI up its sleeve, […]

Yamaha F20G

YFollowing in the wake of their very successful superlight F25G in 2017, Yamaha have launched a lower-powered version, the F20G. The 56kg F20 brings genuine portability to a lively and relatively punchy outboard engine. Before the F20 and F25, such an impressive power-to-weight ratio was only possible with the previous 50kg 25hp 2-stroke outboard engine, […]

Mercury 225hp V6 v Mercury 200hp Verado – Fuel consumption test

It is never easy to quantify exactly how efficient a marine engine really is. Every boat is slightly different to its nearest competitor. Weather and tidal conditions are variables that cannot be ignored. Even the latest factory fuel flow meters, using pulse metering technology, are still only as accurate as the software within. Like for […]


The Great River Run -Ascending South America RIB Expedition 2018

Andy Leemann shares the remarkable story of his and his various teams’ latest extraordinary adventure, across four countries and along eight rivers, in the face of some of the many dangers nature can throw at you ‒ the Ascending South America River Expedition … Photography: Apal Singh, Klaus Kranewitter and Patricia Torales Part One Finally […]

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

Avid inflatable boat owner Peter Talbot tells PBR about touring over 250 miles in Norway’s Storfjorden and five of its side fjords. His adventure included cruising the famous Geirangerfjorden, recognized by UNESCO as ‘among the most scenically outstanding fjord areas on the planet’, boating alone in his Zodiac after unexpectedly finding himself without a crew […]

Cruising to Sark and Herm

The Channel Islands have much more to offer than many people realise, and none more so than the intriguing islands of Sark and Herm. Joe Mourant takes us on a tour to open our eyes to some of the hidden gems and spectacular sights we can find there … For anyone owning a powerboat here […]


Before the Mast

… a vessel’s VHF communications aerial mast or antenna is undoubtedly a key component in an invisible ‘lifeline’ that has the potential to save lives at sea. Giving attention to the detail of your boat’s anatomy is the key to trouble-free boating … … ‘preventative maintenance’ should be essential watchwords for anyone venturing offshore. Compared […]

Garmin Ultra HD Sonar

The current electronics race has just experienced another step forward with the launch of Garmin’s new Ultra-High-Definition Sonar. This new technology uses a higher frequency range than before to deliver clear images of life below the boat. Garmin claim that the clarity and detail of fish, rocks, brush piles and structure are redefined with this […]

Dometic DSP Inverter

Dometic have introduced a new range of smart inverters featuring an energy-saving standby mode for a reliable 240V energy supply for sensitive on-board electronic devices. There are two model ranges, the SinePower DSP and the SinePower DSP-T, both generating pure sine wave voltage – ideal for laptops, TV sets, DVD players, hairdryers, coffee makers and […]


Weymouth Marina – Ports of Call

…we reckoned that compact Weymouth was easily the easiest-to-like marina we encountered in the whole of 2018. It was the one marina and location that appealed to us all as a family crew. Alex Whittaker explores the marina in this historic old port and seaside town. Weymouth lies about halfway along the famous Jurassic Coast, […]

Ports of Call: Portland Marina

Portland truly providesa one-stop base for your powerboat or RIB. Portland Marina’s comprehensive offer is definitely worth very careful consideration. At Portland, all our requests and questions were handled immediately and well. When we went outside, the staff member who helped us out on the water was utterly first rate. Alex Whittaker explores this relatively […]

The Land of Sapphire Seas – Croatia

There are few places on earth that offer quite as much beauty, history and culture as Croatia. It possesses a coastline famed for its ‘fairy-tale’ islands and myriad nooks and crannies, all waiting to be discovered by those setting out to explore its turquoise waters. PBR correspondent Penny Jackson invites us to accompany her on […]


Give me the Gears!

Even though we don’t have a large choice of what gear ratio our lower unit has, knowing how the gear ratio works with propeller sizing to optimise our performance is a benefit. Getting the right prop for your boat can be achieved with some disciplined testing of a range of propeller sizes. Jim Russell, of […]

Rafting Etiquette

If you’ve kept communication open with the inside boat, there should be no surprises when they want to head off. You may be happy having heels or soles that could mark on your deck, but it’s only polite to walk quietly when crossing someone else’s boat or take off your shoes if they could mark. […]

For Family Fun, Try a Motor Boat

The RYA’s one-day, stand-alone Start Motor Cruising Course is designed for potential crew who are complete novices. Cruising, even in coastal waters, requires a degree of self-sufficiency, and there will be a range of challenges to face that don’t happen ashore. Designed for all the family, the RYA’s Start Motor Cruising Course can help those […]


A Mixed Affair

PBR reports on an exciting development in the world of fuel technology as Team Britannia, the UK’s contender for the round-the-world powerboat record, champions the use of Hydro Diesel. Hydro Diesel, which has been developed by Portsmouth-based Clean Fuel Ltd, is an advanced emulsion ‒ a mixture of diesel, water and surfactant that when burnt […]

Action Man of the Cape

HMS interviews the renowned South African naturalist and adventuring environmentalist Grant Spooner, who has many a tale to tell about his voyaging through some of the fiercest seas on the planet … You’re a well-known figure in your native South Africa as a man of the environment, a man of the sea, a devoted naturalist […]

Speed King

Peter Dredge has won two world and three European championships and has broken 21 world speed and endurance records, 15 of which still stand. In this exclusive interview with PBR, Peter reveals the facts behind his Vector Team’s most recent world record.  Tell us about how the idea was born and what the motivation was […]