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Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC

This is a great boat that I enjoyed driving in the lumpy conditions of the day. It is solidly constructed and consequently does not complain when used for the purpose for which it is built. It is not a jack-of-all-trades all-rounder, though it is more than just a fishing boat. It offers a practical sporting […]

Buster Phantom Cabin

The Phantom Cabin is an extraordinarily well-sorted driver’s boat, with very reassuring positivity in its responses to input at the helm. Buster’s flagship platform is a very lucid expression of Nordic priorities. The spec sheet for the Phantom Cabin makes for impressive reading … Alex Smith tests the biggest boat yet to emerge from Buster’s […]

Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops

It has been designed and built on a no-compromise basis in terms of performance, seakeeping, handling and functionality. Such a purist approach is inevitably expensive even in boating terms, but the end result is a craft as close to perfection as you are likely to find in this size and category. The steering is as […]


Yamaha XTO Offshore 425

Servicing is made all the easier by a flushing connector on the front of the powerhead … In addition to an oversized gear case, which is claimed to be the most hydrodynamic Yamaha have designed, there are hardened gears and superstrength engine mounts. … the XTO 425 has the bonus of DFI up its sleeve, […]

Yamaha F20G

YFollowing in the wake of their very successful superlight F25G in 2017, Yamaha have launched a lower-powered version, the F20G. The 56kg F20 brings genuine portability to a lively and relatively punchy outboard engine. Before the F20 and F25, such an impressive power-to-weight ratio was only possible with the previous 50kg 25hp 2-stroke outboard engine, […]

Mercury 225hp V6 v Mercury 200hp Verado – Fuel consumption test

It is never easy to quantify exactly how efficient a marine engine really is. Every boat is slightly different to its nearest competitor. Weather and tidal conditions are variables that cannot be ignored. Even the latest factory fuel flow meters, using pulse metering technology, are still only as accurate as the software within. Like for […]


Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour is a great holiday location whose sheltered position makes it a safe bet with the windy summers we now get.  For the water sports fanatic, it is a no-brainer.  It is a popular location but never really seems overcrowded, especially on the water. Greg Copp shares with PBR readers his experience and knowledge […]

Skerry Stuff

Very often the fact that safety increases with numbers means that crews will press on in less than ideal conditions. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to have a go at the helm of this 44-ton, 2500hp beast, which for me was a childhood dream come true. It’s safe to say that storm […]

Arctic Greenland Adventure

… operating in such a remote environment as Scoresby Sound presents some fairly unique challenges and rewards. The attractions of the region lie in the fantastic scenic beauty provided by the combination of fjords, mountains and ice [and] the wildlife … In an exclusive for PBR magazine, Peter Talbot discusses his three-week SIB adventure in […]


Before the Mast

… a vessel’s VHF communications aerial mast or antenna is undoubtedly a key component in an invisible ‘lifeline’ that has the potential to save lives at sea. Giving attention to the detail of your boat’s anatomy is the key to trouble-free boating … … ‘preventative maintenance’ should be essential watchwords for anyone venturing offshore. Compared […]

Garmin Ultra HD Sonar

The current electronics race has just experienced another step forward with the launch of Garmin’s new Ultra-High-Definition Sonar. This new technology uses a higher frequency range than before to deliver clear images of life below the boat. Garmin claim that the clarity and detail of fish, rocks, brush piles and structure are redefined with this […]

Dometic DSP Inverter

Dometic have introduced a new range of smart inverters featuring an energy-saving standby mode for a reliable 240V energy supply for sensitive on-board electronic devices. There are two model ranges, the SinePower DSP and the SinePower DSP-T, both generating pure sine wave voltage – ideal for laptops, TV sets, DVD players, hairdryers, coffee makers and […]


Pilot Guide – Med Havens – Invitation to Ibiza

Since Eivissa possesses such a large and extensive deep-water port, it enjoys a wide range of boating facilities. Arrival at Eivissa by sea is quite a landfall and rather thrilling on a small boat. The palm-lined stone quays have more than a whiff of the tropical about them. You absorb the balmy October weather, the […]

A Jewel in the Ocean

Flying into Madeira is an experience in itself. With some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, Madeira has made good use of these features with a fabulous feat of engineering. Once you have seen and experienced the island you will understand why it has become such a popular retirement and holiday destination. Simon Everett […]

Paradise in Portugal

Such is the laid-back way here that if we decide to go for a meal there’s no need to go home and change for dinner – everyone just goes as they are. It’s not hard to find a peaceful spot for some R&R – swimming, reading and listening to the birds and distant church bells. […]


Cruise Your Way to Instructor Level

It’s about how you react to people and how you debrief – your natural ability to teach. I didn’t really enjoy college and I looked at teachers and thought, ‘I could never do that’, but now it’s all fallen into place and I love it. For some, teaching is in their blood; for others, it’s […]

This Boating Life – Boat Bonding

The truth is, a quick powerboat is very exhilarating on a fast coastal passage in winter. I adore being out in an open-cockpit boat in the hard weather.  I much prefer being on the water without the encumbrance of a pilot house, radar arch or hard top. Being a sad anorak, I find it really […]

Boat Maintenance Tips to Help Keep You Afloat

… with some regular checks and ongoing TLC, not only will you ensure a pleasurable time out on the water, you’ll keep your kit in tip-top condition. The biggest cause of problems inside any boat is the cold, damp environment that we operate in. Invest in a decent cover that keeps rain and moisture out […]


Forty Years of Redbay

Redbay Boats will always remain a family business. … we have no plans to mass-produce boats; my preference is to build bespoke boats for a select clientele. I love my job so much because it was a hobby that turned into my career. I enjoy the challenge of designing bespoke boats and meeting all our […]

Steve Curtis MBE – Throttleman Extraordinaire

‘All the while I love racing, and marathon events in particular, why would I stop?’ … caution was the watchword of the day as Steve’s deft touch was essential to prevent the engines from over-revving because of the huge seas. Mike Taylor catches up with multiple-award-winning powerboat supremo Steve Curtis to chat about his life […]

Sink or Swim

‘Worn correctly, a personal flotation device could save your life.’ ‘The RYA recommends that you wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid unless you are sure you don’t need to.’  ‘You should consider factors such as weather conditions, the type of activity you are doing and your level of experience.’ Wearing a life jacket correctly […]