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Paragon 31 Flybridge

Greg Copp considers the reborn 31 Flybridge from Paragon Yachts ‒ an exclusive boat that beckons to be driven hard in big seas … The question you may be asking is why we are featuring a boat that first hit the water 12 years ago. Two reasons: firstly, it has been reborn in a revised […]

Grandezza 34 OC

Greg Copp reports on this spacious middleweight cruiser built in the Baltic and designed for all climates … Grandezza are one of the best-kept secrets in the boating world. If you know nothing of this brand, you may not unreasonably think that Grandezza hail from the Mediterranean, especially as their craft are designed around good […]

Grand Drive 600 Lux

                       With a non-existent extras list, it seems that no stone goes unturned in this high-spec boat, as Greg Copp reports … Considering this boat falls into the most hotly contested section of the RIB market, UK importers Wills Marine have taken a bold approach with their new Grand Drive 600 Lux. This company […]


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Volvo: New Products and Hands-on Testing

Volvo seem unstoppable in their quest to keep on adding more and more functionality to their engine range. What Volvo have ended up with … is a system that in my opinion no longer needs any sensors at all – it works brilliantly as it is, and in any berth. Dave Marsh reports on Volvo’s […]

Cox 300hp Diesel Outboard

For those that do not have easy access to petrol … the extra cost of the engine will be relatively immaterial compared to the benefits it offers. … this engine will pay for itself in a few years in regular commercial use. The 300hp diesel V8 CXO300 from Cox Powertrain has been a long time […]

Yamaha XTO Offshore 425

Servicing is made all the easier by a flushing connector on the front of the powerhead … In addition to an oversized gear case, which is claimed to be the most hydrodynamic Yamaha have designed, there are hardened gears and superstrength engine mounts. … the XTO 425 has the bonus of DFI up its sleeve, […]


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Antics in Antrim

Simon Everett muses over the scenic wonders to be found along Northern Ireland’s beautiful and dramatic Antrim coastline. Why is it such a favourite haunt of those who love their cruising? In this article, we seek to whet your appetite for a sea area and coastline that as yet you may not have tried …

Voyage to the Big Apple

Sergio Davì is most certainly a man who loves a challenge. In this exclusive interview with PBR, this outstanding long-distance RIB expeditionary tells of his incredible 6,500-mile, record-breaking, ‘Ice RIB’ solo voyage from Palermo in Italy to New York City aboard a standard-production family-styled sports boat, a Suzuki twin-outboard-powered Nuova Jolly RIB. Tell us, Sergio, […]

Cork to Sardinia with Safehaven Marine

Frank Kowalski, MD of Safehaven Marine, provides a first-hand account of a mighty 2,500nm journey from Cork in Ireland to Porto Cervo on Sardinia’s idyllic coast – a delivery voyage extraordinaire made in one of his own Safehaven XSV20s, a striking 23m all-weather vessel that has the power to court both wealthy superyacht owners and […]


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Pick of the Bunch

These Helly Hansen shoes appear to be very well made indeed … … their ultra-lightweight, rugged construction coupled to the commendable degree of comfort they offer make them very likeable. These latest products from Gill are likewise highly suited to all activities associated with life on the water … This strongly made, high-quality, breathable, waterproof […]

Staying in Touch

It is important not just to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the hardware but also the area that is covered by the different satellite services. EPIRBs are good, part of the GMDSS and should be your first port of call if you are in distress. As long as you are close to the shore […]

Plotting by Design

Jonathan Peers flies south to test the latest crop of technical advancements and products from the stable of leading marine electronics manufacturer, Navico. The latter part of May 2019 saw Navico hold a press event at the vast, idyllic harbour of Palma, Mallorca. Making good use of the RCNP sailing club and surrounded by all […]


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MDL Release Holiday ‘Green List’

MDL Marinas have produced a ‘Green List’ of holiday destinations designed to optimise staycation breaks this year. First on the list is Mercury Yacht Harbour and Holiday Park. Having recently welcomed a new floating marine lodge, it’s doubled its complement of these self-contained cabin berths, which are fully equipped for up to four guests, with […]

Antics in Antrim

Simon Everett muses over the scenic wonders to be found along Northern Ireland’s beautiful and dramatic Antrim coastline. Why is it such a favourite haunt of those who love their cruising? In this article, we seek to whet your appetite for a sea area and coastline that as yet you may not have tried …

Salcombe by Brig

Simon Everett spends a day afloat on the pretty waters around this gorgeous Westcountry harbour. Enjoy the scenery….


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Cruise Your Way to Instructor Level

It’s about how you react to people and how you debrief – your natural ability to teach. I didn’t really enjoy college and I looked at teachers and thought, ‘I could never do that’, but now it’s all fallen into place and I love it. For some, teaching is in their blood; for others, it’s […]

This Boating Life – Boat Bonding

The truth is, a quick powerboat is very exhilarating on a fast coastal passage in winter. I adore being out in an open-cockpit boat in the hard weather.  I much prefer being on the water without the encumbrance of a pilot house, radar arch or hard top. Being a sad anorak, I find it really […]

Boat Maintenance Tips to Help Keep You Afloat

… with some regular checks and ongoing TLC, not only will you ensure a pleasurable time out on the water, you’ll keep your kit in tip-top condition. The biggest cause of problems inside any boat is the cold, damp environment that we operate in. Invest in a decent cover that keeps rain and moisture out […]


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Close Encounters

PBR investigates the ever-present threat of collision with foreign objects at sea – a danger particularly associated with boating in the autumn and winter. The Road to Mandelieu Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Glenn Zelen. I work as Product and Marketing Manager at Sea Ray International (searay.com) and the story I wish […]

Starter Boat Packages under £50k

We provide some helpful guidance for those considering buying their first boat along with a selection of 40 boat packages at under £50K – many with special PBR discounts and offers. Some prices and availability may have fluctuated since publication in July 2020, so please contact the supplier for their current offers. Read now via the […]

The SilverHook Story

Keeping alive the true spirit of powerboat racing … PBR relates the success story that is Nigel Hook … Sixty years ago, in May 1969, Don Aronow ‒ a millionaire New Yorker who built the first Cigarette boat under the name Cary ‒ won the APBA-sanctioned race ‘The Gateway Marathon International 200’ in his 32ft […]