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Cruising to Sark and Herm

Sark and Herm are stress-free havens for lovers of wildlife and the outdoors. While it might sound small enough to explore in just a couple of hours, in fact Sark has a wealth of walks and dozens of very special places to swim. Cruising to Sark and Herm The Channel Islands have much more to […]

Action Man of the Cape

It takes many hours at sea in varied sea states and conditions to fully understand one’s craft, its capabilities and its handling qualities. I believe strongly in spending as much time as possible exploring every aspect of the craft’s performance abilities. Never be too bold and overconfident with regard to your craft’s capabilities and operating […]

Plymouth – a host of marine facilities

Alex Whittaker takes us on a guided tour of Plymouth’s historic Sound and the many amenities here that make this boating location a true gem by anyone’s standards … Famous Plymouth, with its long maritime history, is situated at the confluence of the rivers Plym, Lynher and Tamar, and lies on the majestic Plymouth Sound, […]

Paragon 31

It drives like the perfectly balanced sports boat that it is.  Its steering is superbly responsive, providing incredible angles of heel in the turns …  In typical Scandinavian style, the Paragon 31 is hugely practical both inside and out. Paragon 31 Greg Copp savours the virtues of this particular Scandinavian Paragon …   Making its […]

The Sign of the Zodiac

… the 550 Open is a nicely conceived dayboat for families with enough turn of speed to make her interesting without being exciting. Zodiac have certainly hit the water with a splash and have kept the price competitive too …  Zodiac want owners to keep exploring and finding their own adventures and experiences … The […]

Stingher 800 GT Sport Custom

Greg Copp tests the Stingher 800GT Sport Custom Unless you know exactly what you want in a RIB, the rows of high powered rigid inflatable boats that adorn most boat shows often saturate your head with temptation and confusion. The fact is that RIBs have got faster, handle better, and are generally tougher. Many have […]

Wave Boat 525 Full Wake

Running at wide-open throttle at 50mph into a F3 posed no problems whatsoever. I never got a chance to get her fully airborne, but without a doubt the 525 is well put together. She handled the sea without complaint, helped by the fact that she has good natural fore and aft trim … The most […]

Targa 27.2

Buy it, keep it for a generation or two, and rest assured that it will take a very long time before the compact pilot house market comes up with anything substantially better than this.  Targa have taken their time-honoured formula, played with the proportions and the layouts, and brought it within touching distance of perfection. […]

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5 WA

This is a serious offshore boat for those that appreciate what it can do. The central helm works well, both from a driving and a berthing perspective. With 700hp on the transom she does not hang around, hitting 30 knots in under 10 seconds. … the true external focus of the boat is its superb […]

Music Matters

… if you’re feeling the pinch, you could go fully integral and add external amplifiers later.  Wi-Fi is currently better than Bluetooth because Bluetooth can have trouble streaming high-quality audio …  Fusion have leveraged the digital world to produce a system with impressive functionality and connectivity.  Whatever we played, it sounded terrific, even faced with […]
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