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Shark Seating

Shark Seating With advances in engine technology and better hull designs pushing performance boundaries ever forward, the human factor often gets overlooked. It is not for the lack of choice in offshore seating that many of us choose to stand astride a jockey seat with our knees taking the impact, but the cost. There are […]

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Raymarine New Open-Array Radar & Garmin GC 100 Wireless Camera

Raymarine New Open-Array Radar Raymarine have just announced the launch of their two Magnum radar systems. These high-performance open-array radars feature ‘superior bird mode’ and ‘beam sharpening technology’. Magnum uses some of the radar technologies employed by the United States Coast Guard in their military-grade systems. In particular, it offers enhanced target tracking, tough reliable […]

Brig Eagle 6m

Galápagos Landing

… they move slowly and basically spend their days eating, sleeping, taking mud baths and having sex when the mood takes them.  There is something prehistoric about these dragon-like creatures and they are fascinating to watch. The wildlife encounters were overwhelming. These animals have no fear of humans and do not race off when people […]

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New Products from Yanmar

New Products from Yanmar 3JH40 Engine Introduced this year, the Yanmar 3JH40 diesel engine is the smallest common-rail diesel engine to date. With an output of 40hp, the compact and ultra-quiet 3JH40 enables smaller-boat owners and commercial-vessel operators to benefit for the first time from the efficiency and performance advantages of electronically managed common-rail fuel […]

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