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XOCEAN Use Torqeedo Propulsion Systems

XOCEAN are aiming to transform the way subsea data is collected. The company provides turnkey underwater data acquisition services with its growing fleet of unmanned surface vessels (USVs), which deliver a combination of safety, versatility, efficiency and productivity. And thanks to Torqeedo’s electric propulsion systems, they are also nearly 100% emission-free. XOCEAN’s XO-450 USV is […]

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Torqeedo and WhisperPower Develop New DC Generator

Torqeedo and WhisperPower Develop New DC Generator To extend the range of a yacht or ship equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo have developed, in close collaboration with WhisperPower, a 25kW 350V DC variable-speed diesel generator, known as the Range Extender. The generator has been specifically designed for recreational and […]

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The eJET Concept

The eJET Concept Together with Germany-based company Torqeedo, Avon have developed the eJET concept, a 100% electric tender that solves the most pressing problems faced by yacht owners: carrying fuel for tenders, changing oil, dealing with reliability issues and costly maintenance. The eJET concept has performed admirably in testing, both in terms of performance and […]

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