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Island RIBs 7.5m

Beneath its superb gelcoat finish is a structural rigidity that can take the punishment that this sort of boat is likely to receive. The attention to detail is reassuring, as is the consideration given to potential future retrospective maintenance. Not many RIBs this size offer such a blend of practicality and performance at this price […]

Buster Magnum M5

It’s this blend of routine family compliance and snarling apocalyptic ferocity that makes the M5 such a charming paradox. … as a radically rapid family runabout for the skipper who wants the pliability of a knockabout hull alongside the undiluted thrill of hard-edged grunt, the M5 is not a boat to be ignored. Despite the […]

White Shark 206

The helm layout has a sporty but purposeful look and feel to it. A great deal of thought has gone into the layout to make it simple yet effective – and it works. With her nifty turn of speed, great seakeeping and stylish looks, I am sure we will start to see the White Shark […]

Rodman 890 Ventura

It is broad, open and bright, with uninhibited views, ample sleeping spaces and enormous storage capacity. … this fledgling outboard model has the potential to bring a fresh and welcome new breadth of recreational application to the established Rodman fleet. Alex Smith heads for Portsmouth to test Rodman’s first ever outboard-powered leisure boat. Over the […]

Windy Camira 39

With the Camira, Windy have upheld their tradition of producing mouth-watering sports cruisers. … another Windy classic that will cause some serious consideration for those with the budget available. Thrusting forward from standstill, the auto trim ensures the props are biting to their optimum and the boat is held at the correct angle of attack. […]

Avon 340 Seasport Deluxe

Avon is a brand that’s been around for years, but of late hasn’t been represented in the UK, and owners Zodiac have brought it back with a luxury range of tenders. Greg Goulding tests the 3.4m model to find out if it’s a welcome return. My passion for boating kicked off when my father traded […]


Trafalgar Boat Club

Join the Club PBR investigates a bold new solution to help get more people out on the water and interviews its brainchild, Jonny Boys, MD of Trafalgar Wharf in Portsmouth. Are boat clubs set to change the face of the UK RIB and powerboat scene? What do you do if you want to go boating […]

PBR Testing in South Africa

PBR have travelled to Cape Town this week, courtesy of Gemini RIBs to test their Gemini WR860 and yet to be launched WR762. Herewith a short video taster! (192)

Rodman Launch at Barcelona

Rodman recently released their latest developments for the coming season at the 55th Barcelona Boat Show, including the new Rodman SPIRIT 31 outboard, the Rodman 890 VENTURA model, and the Rodman MUSE 44 and MUSE 54, one customised for fishing activities and the other for cruising enjoyment. For full specifications on these and all Rodman […]

Cheetah Heads South

Bespoke catamaran builders Cheetah Marine’s latest venture takes them south to the Algarve, as the latest 7m Cheetah catamaran has been inspired by a growing interest among sports boat enthusiasts in exploring coastlines abroad without the impracticalities of transporting their own craft. The 7m catamaran is available as a bareboat charter or comes skippered for […]

Ideal Boat Appointed Husky Distributors have announced their appointment as the British Isles’ sole distributor for Husky boats, which are made by the boatbuilders FinnMaster. They are of aluminium construction, have a self-bailing cockpit and follow the well-known Smart Design concept. The Husky range combines a contemporary look with a durable build that is designed to cope with whatever sea […]

Jeanneau Extend Product Lines

Jeanneau are increasing their powerboat range with the launch of their new Bow Rider (BR) line, and the first model to be unveiled is the Cap Camarat 6.5 BR. The company has also introduced its new flagship in the Merry Fisher range, the Merry Fisher 895, and with the Merry Fisher 795 Marlin, Jeanneau have […]


50 years of Windy

50 Years of Windy In this, (2016) the 50th anniversary year of the iconic Scandinavian boatbuilder, Simon Everett takes a look at their new boatyard and the boats they are now building. The name Windy is one that I remember from the earliest days of my boating. They were already boats with an enviable reputation […]

Surf Safari with Cheetah X-Cat

Simon Everett dons his beret and wetsuit and heads for Cap Breton to check out the surf … The powerful Cheetah X-Cat really stands out from the crowd with her modern, stylish graphics and massive deck space … This is one of the joys of the Cheetah – it’s capable in a big sea, but […]

Unwin’s Odyssey

… can I get a 5.3-tonne unstepped diesel pleasure boat with full weekend accommodation to run 80mph plus while still giving amazing fuel economy? Starting with a clean sheet of paper enabled me to reduce the engine centres from 950mm to 800mm, allowing a higher X dimension and lower centre of gravity. Many weekends were […]

Finding the Faroes

The coastal scenery is magnificent and changes with the light … … every couple of seconds new facets were revealed as the filtered light enhanced the natural sculptures. The water was as clear as the finest gin … … many ornithologists visit the Faroes to marvel at the huge colonies of seabirds … Simon Everett […]

Bleu Camargue

Their power has to be experienced to be believed – it is like being hooked up to the Venice Simplon Express. It is an area that is steeped in history, culture and tradition … … it is the landscape that has shaped these traditions and natural phenomena, one of which is the fishing heritage off […]

RCD or OCD? 19 page special feature on the Recreational Craft Directive / CE Mark

DOWNLOAD VIA THE ABOVE READER RCD or OCD?  That is the Question … We take a look at the Recreational Craft Directive in our 19 page special feature comprising the following three parts: Part 1 The essential overview of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) 2 – Ross Wombwell BMF Part 2 The case for the CE […]