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Sunseeker Hawk 27

Should you be in any doubt as to the engines’ credibility, then consider having them rebuilt by an independent engineer with knowledge of these engines.  … if you are up for something a bit different, and cost-effective, that will always catch somebody’s eye, then an older Sunseeker could be the way to go. Sunseeker Hawk […]

Nimbus 370/380

What was different about driving the Nimbus compared to other semi-displacement boats was the virtually linear performance delivery. The wide scope of its appeal, encompassing both yachtsmen and motor boaters, underlines this boat’s versatility …  These boats are beautifully built and strongly constructed. Nimbus 370/380 Greg Copp celebrates the practicality and attention to detail that […]

Stingher 900GT

This Anglo-Italian RIB is a serious boat built for maximum appeal. Stingher manage this mix very well by building a boat that is fast and exciting to drive, while remaining safe in the process.  It suffers no handling quirks, and by its forgiving nature is perfect for both novice and experienced helmsmen. Stingher 900GT The […]

Rodman SPIRIT 42 Coupé

Her stylish interior is in keeping with the popular concept that tends to dominate the industry – that of creating maximum interior space, often at the cost of extra displacement.  … this is a typically tough Rodman with an efficient hull, whose crew will give up long before it does. Rodman SPIRIT 42 Coupé The […]

Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend

The Quicksilver Activ 855 is a well-made boat, whose finish, particularly the joinery, does not smack of compromise. It has achieved a good blend of living accommodation and practicality, which is all too important in this size and type of boat. It has a range of extras, some of which arguably should be included in […]

Prestige 680S

Prestige 680S If you want a flybridge cruiser that feels like a coupé, Prestige’s ingenious 680S might just be the way to go. Alex Smith reports.     It’s early in the morning – just a few minutes past sunrise – and as the Prestige 680S creams across a mirror-flat sea off the coast of […]


Zodiac Nautic Introduce New Brand Tagline

Zodiac Nautic Introduce New Brand Tagline Zodiac Nautic have unveiled the company’s new brand tagline: ‘Keep Exploring’. The tagline is supported by a film that celebrates adventure and boaters worldwide and is designed to build on Zodiac’s 120-year heritage and their mission to make every moment on the water an adventure. For further information visit www.zodiac-nautic.com. (11)

Yanmar 3JH40 Wins Innovation Award

Yanmar 3JH40 Wins Innovation Award  The Yanmar 3JH40 common-rail inboard diesel engine has received the 2018 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. Introduced this year as the marine industry’s smallest CR inboard diesel engine, the 3JH40 was named the winner of the ‘Inboard Engines’ category when the NMMA and Boating Writers International (BWI) […]

Yanmar Launch New Products at Miami

Yanmar Launch New Products at Miami Yanmar introduced a number of new engines to expand their digitally controlled 40 to 440 mhp line-up at this year’s Miami International Boat Show. The new 3JH40 is the world’s smallest CR inboard marine diesel engine, and with an output of 40mhp it is designed to enable a new […]

Windermere Boat Show

Windermere Boat Show The Windermere Boat Show will take place from 18th to 20th May and will offer, free of charge, a host of water sports and outdoor activities for all ages. More than 150 vessels, from small motor boats to large luxury yachts, will be on display and there will be family-friendly activities on […]

Torqeedo and WhisperPower Develop New DC Generator

Torqeedo and WhisperPower Develop New DC Generator To extend the range of a yacht or ship equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo have developed, in close collaboration with WhisperPower, a 25kW 350V DC variable-speed diesel generator, known as the Range Extender. The generator has been specifically designed for recreational and […]

Tecnorib Unveil Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition

Tecnorib Unveil Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition Tecnorib, official licensee of the Pirelli RIBs brand, made their US debut at the Miami Yacht Show with the new Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition – the first model in the range to be fitted with a water jet engine. Available on the market from spring 2018, the […]


 This Boating Life

The most important task on my pre-season jobs list was to do some bilge ratting.  Efficient bilge pumps are essential for marina contentment, and with the deep midwinter still upon us, reliable bilge pumping is doubly important.  I am an Englishman who came to Wales many years ago on missionary work.  This Boating Life   […]

Stepping Out

Fortunately, all the complications involved in designing and building a great stepped-hull boat are the boatbuilder’s to solve, not yours.  Extra reinforcement is required to bridge the structural discontinuity across the steps, and stepped hulls are not as simple to laminate. At speed, driving through waves, stepped-hull boats invariably pitch and porpoise far less; their […]

Wildlife Wonderland

The UK has an amazing array of marine wildlife. As a recreational boater, give it the respect it deserves. The more educated people are about what to do and how to operate power-driven craft near wildlife, the more it is protected and will continue to thrive … As much as you want to see wildlife, […]

Ports of Call – Maryport Minimalism

Maryport struck us as a great place to station our boat to take a foray across to the Solway Firth to Scotland, and around to the Clyde …  Maryport is a very convenient and nicely equipped marina, with very helpful staff.  It is a friendly place, and if you like peace and quiet, well, you […]

Yard Visit – Custom Yacht Works

‘Today we stand on the edge of an exciting future.’ ‘It’s taken many years for us to filter through suppliers until we found the companies we are happy to use …’ ‘Twelve months’ lack of attention to a wooden boat like a Fairey can result in the equivalent of two years of decay.’ Yard Visit […]

Towing the Line

Remember that any boat/trailer combination over 750kg must have brakes fitted. While carrying out your checks, be sure to ‘feel’ for play in the wheel bearings. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your load is secure. Do not be tempted to sit a large, heavy boat on an unbraked trailer in an attempt […]


Lifecord electronic kill cord

Latest video from Lifecord showing the new device in use with Salcombe Powerboat School aboard their 7m Ribcraft. The new electronic kill cord device was reviewed in issue 146 of PBR [online here https://www.powerboatandrib.com/2018/04/18/lifecord/] and represents a welcome high-tech ‘upgrade’ to the traditional retractable cord option. https://www.cordsafe.co.uk   (157)

P1 Puma RIB

Read the full test report in Issue 138. (1325)

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