Before the Mast

… a vessel’s VHF communications aerial mast or antenna is undoubtedly a key component in an invisible ‘lifeline’ that has the potential to save lives at sea. Giving attention to the detail of your boat’s anatomy is the key to trouble-free boating … … ‘preventative maintenance’ should be essential watchwords for anyone venturing offshore. Compared […]

Garmin Ultra HD Sonar

The current electronics race has just experienced another step forward with the launch of Garmin’s new Ultra-High-Definition Sonar. This new technology uses a higher frequency range than before to deliver clear images of life below the boat. Garmin claim that the clarity and detail of fish, rocks, brush piles and structure are redefined with this […]

Dometic DSP Inverter

Dometic have introduced a new range of smart inverters featuring an energy-saving standby mode for a reliable 240V energy supply for sensitive on-board electronic devices. There are two model ranges, the SinePower DSP and the SinePower DSP-T, both generating pure sine wave voltage – ideal for laptops, TV sets, DVD players, hairdryers, coffee makers and […]

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra

The ECHOMAP Ultraseries are Garmin’s latest line of 10in and 12in touch screen chartplotters, designed to offer a high-performing all-in-one multifunction display for the serious fisherman. What this new MFD offers is a combination of a high-tech plotter and the very latest sonar technology in a single package. Claiming to be the best-in-class sonar solution, […]

Simrad Cruise

Aimed at the small-boat sector, Simrad’s new Cruise range of chartplotters are big on features and low in price. In keeping with the current trend, they are very user-friendly and intuitive to use. Designed for straightforward navigation, Cruise features a simple, easy-to-use interface, a sunlight-viewable display, a mounting bracket and a sonar transducer. The range […]

Icom IC-M506GE

The IC-M506GE is packed full of features, including a ‘Last Call’ voice-recording function, ‘Active Noise Cancelling’ technology, and Icom’s new intuitive menu-driven user interface and large dot-matrix display, making it really easy to use. With an integrated AIS receiver, the IC-M506GE can show real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the display. The AIS target call […]

Glomex Marine 4G

With 3G/4G managing to reach out to 15 miles offshore in many locations, signal-boosting antenna systems have much to offer the coastal skipper. Unlike an expensive bulky sat-dome, the weBBoat 4G Lite is small enough to sit on the arch of any weekender. It may not be able to tap into the world of mainstream […]

Raymarine Mavic Pro Drone

RDrones may have been initially seen as another big boy’s toy, but it didn’t take long for them to prove their worth in a variety of fields. From a marine perspective, drones have plenty of potential, hence we are just starting to see saltwater-proof drones that can land and take off from the sea (soon […]

Navico ID

Considering the deluge of high-tech electronics in recent years, Navico’s new ‘information display’, or ID for short, on the face of it looks like just another plotter. However, its tablet-like appearance and flush construction, combined with an impressive level of versatility, make it a one-stop station in terms of vessel management and control. An advanced […]

Panoptix LiveScope – the next generation

PThe latest version of Garmin’s award-winning Panoptix LiveScope technology has given this interesting bit of technology a new twist. Producing both 30-degree forward and 30-degree down real-time scanning sonar views, it provides fishing with a new dimension. The latest single-array LiveScope LVS12 transducer is an economical solution for inland and near-shore anglers, without the need […]

Garmin Gadgets

Reactor Autopilot Remote The rugged, water-resistant Autopilot Remote boasts a bright, sunlight-readable colour display with a user-friendly design. With its programmable presets for quick access to your favourite functions, it is designed to let users control steering with ease – anywhere on the boat. Its most impressive feature is ‘gesture controls’ for heading hold and […]

Music Matters

Dave Marsh explores the on-board entertainment options available to music lovers with budgets both large and small … For those of us who take our on-board musical entertainment seriously, life just keeps getting better and better. Much of this is being driven by the rapid shift from the physical world of CD to the digital […]

Shark Seating

With advances in engine technology and better hull designs pushing performance boundaries ever forward, the human factor often gets overlooked. It is not for the lack of choice in offshore seating that many of us choose to stand astride a jockey seat with our knees taking the impact, but the cost. There are some great […]

Raymarine New Open-Array Radar & Garmin GC 100 Wireless Camera

Raymarine New Open-Array Radar Raymarine have just announced the launch of their two Magnum radar systems. These high-performance open-array radars feature ‘superior bird mode’ and ‘beam sharpening technology’. Magnum uses some of the radar technologies employed by the United States Coast Guard in their military-grade systems. In particular, it offers enhanced target tracking, tough reliable […]