Beneteau Flyer 7 SPACEdeck & SUNdeck

Alex Whittaker tests these two prime contenders for your money, side by side I saw my first Beneteau Flyer sometime late last century. She was full of riotous French waterskiers, making great progress just south of Perpignan. At the time, with her name written large in English on huge hull decals, I thought she was […]

Redbay 1150 – Twin Test

Jonathan Peers takes a brace of Redbay RIBs on a run to the wild and windswept Rathlin Island off Ireland’s northern coast and discovers there’s more to the new Redbay 1150 custom model than just an extra 50cm LOA! Ireland’s Redbay Boats have been producing their formidable Stormforce 11m Cabin RIB since 2001. With a […]

Rodman 1090

Greg Copp enjoys the reassuring experience of driving the latest craft in Rodman’s Cruiser Fisher range in ‘testing’ conditions … When writing about a Rodman you generally preach to the converted. These tough no-nonsense boats, in particular the Cruiser Fisher range, have remained largely unchanged for two decades, and for good reason. The latest in […]

Ring Ranger 25

Greg Copp sets out to discover whether Ring’s reputation for producing high-quality offshore powerboats has been maintained with their latest offering, the Ranger 25 … If you have a taste for fast offshore boats, you will be familiar with the name Ring. Established by powerboat racer Mike Ring in 1968, Rings would soon be setting […]

Selva D500

Simon Everett is a man who appreciates that small can often mean beautiful, and 5m boats were where RIBs began to make their mark and where their popularity was forged. Here, he tests the Italian builder Selva’s version of this tried-and-tested type and analyses not only the craft itself but its potential application and uses. […]

Scorpion Silurian

It may sport an all-black colour scheme that will see it disappear into the shadows come sundown, but as Dave Marsh discovered, this particular Scorpion Silurian RIB is no shrinking violet … The Scorpion Silurian is a big craft – 10.8m (35ft 5in) long and 3.25m (10ft 8in) wide to be precise – and with […]

Finnmaster P6

Alex Whittaker finds out whether the P6 is more than a Scandi commuter … Scandinavian boats, so the story goes, are designed for safe all-weather commuting around sub-Arctic archipelagos. They are also ideal for cruising to quirky wooden houses perched on remote islands for summer Scandi fun. The pilot house-styled Finnmaster P6 is such a […]

Chris-Craft Corsair 34

Greg Copp paid the long-standing and distinguished American boatbuilders Chris-Craft a visit to check out their latest offering, the Corsair 34 … Chris-Craft are one of a group of boatbuilders that have little need to reinvent themselves.Some yards feel a need to change their style or tack in order to stay out in front, but […]

Brig Eagle 8m

Greg Copp tests the latest Eagle to fly from the Brig nest … Ten years ago the idea of a fast RIB not fitted with jockey or shock-mitigating seats was unacceptable to many hard-core RIB fanatics. However, the big-RIB concept has expanded to a larger audience, and Brig are a prominent player in this field. […]

Stingher 10m GT Custom Sport

Greg Copp revisits a 10-year-old high-performance RIB from Italy that is much changed in its latest incarnation … Any self-respecting RIB spotter will probably be wondering why we are featuring a boat originally tested a decade ago. The fact is that the new version of the Italian-built 10m Stingher, the GT Custom Sport, is worthy […]

Cheetah Makes Way to São Tomé

Cheetah in Portugal are now celebrating two years in production at the workshops near Nazaré. There are now 10 Cheetahs working around the Portuguese coastline, with another three Cheetahs built for export to Jersey, the UK and France. PBR reports on recent developments as Cheetah Marine celebrate two years of production in Portugal … The […]

Alen 45

Over the last decade we have seen a number of retro designs gracing numerous shorelines. However, the Mediterranean has proven to be the most fertile area for designs encompassing traditional lines with modern technology. Alen Yacht, based in Turkey, have certainly embraced this concept with their range of traditional slab-sided powerboats, which they have now […]


Ring Ranger 25 Video Test

Greg Copp tests the ALL NEW Ranger 25 by Ring Powercraft. This 400HP Powerboat is designed from years of motorsport pedigree. Read the full article in issue 160 of Powerboat & RIB Magazine or online here https://www.powerboatandrib.com/2020/05/12/ring-ranger-25/

Special PBRTV Live Session – Interview with Jan-Erik Viitala of Axopar

We are excited to bring you a special PBRTV Live Session; interviewing live Jan-Erik Viitala; Founding Partner and Creative & Innovations Director of Axopar Boats / BRABUS Marine You don’t want to miss this Live Session. We chat about the birth of the company, Jan-Erik’s background, their different approach to the marine market, how they use the latest […]

Introduction to PBRTV YouTube Channel

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RS launch electric RIB at boot 2020

RS are one of the leading sailboat manufacturers in the world. A company who have now turned their attention to the development and launch of an all electric RIB. Features include an innovative power and propulsion system inc. propeller, shock mitigation jockey seating, eco-sympathetic use of materials/construction, as well as a bespoke made electronic management […]

Lifecord electronic kill cord

Latest video from Lifecord showing the new device in use with Salcombe Powerboat School aboard their 7m Ribcraft. The new electronic kill cord device was reviewed in issue 146 of PBR [online here https://www.powerboatandrib.com/2018/04/18/lifecord/] and represents a welcome high-tech ‘upgrade’ to the traditional retractable cord option. https://www.cordsafe.co.uk