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Launched for the new P1 International RIB Championship due to start in 2017, this boat has got to be the most capable and cost-effective adrenaline rush money can buy. At £45,000, it is a boat that brings powerboat racing to the average boater, while still offering a trailer-mounted family RIB for the weekend. The qualifying […]

Wellcraft 302 & 352 Fisherman Series

Wellcraft were founded in 1955 and became best recognized for their Scarab brand that featured so prominently in the hit US TV series Miami Vice. Over a hundred Scarab 38 Miami Vice replicas were built by the company following the hit TV show, Wellcraft being the builder synonymous with the jet-set performance powerboat scene at […]

Salpa 23XL

Albeit with a sprinkling of contemporary Italian style, the Salpa 23XL is in a similar vein to the Sealine S23, or Sea Ray 240 Sundancer. It is a concept that has worked well for many years ‒ a balance of accommodating a junior family/couple in a sub-25ft boat while providing enough punch to have some […]

Quicksilver Activ 675 

Simon Everett steps aboard a new model now taking its place within the ever-popular Quicksilver line-up of dayboats, cuddy craft and coastal fishing vessels. We find out what makes this prospective little winner tick and how she performs on test through the chalky waters of Poole Bay. They say there is nothing new under the […]

Nord Star 32 Patrol

The 32 Patrol is not a new boat ‒ to a Finn, that is ‒ as it has been around a while, but for a southern Brit it most certainly is. Greg Copp trials this fast wheelhouse craft from Nord Star and reports on what we can expect to find … If you are not […]

Yamaha F20G

YFollowing in the wake of their very successful superlight F25G in 2017, Yamaha have launched a lower-powered version, the F20G. The 56kg F20 brings genuine portability to a lively and relatively punchy outboard engine. Before the F20 and F25, such an impressive power-to-weight ratio was only possible with the previous 50kg 25hp 2-stroke outboard engine, […]

Raymarine Mavic Pro Drone

RDrones may have been initially seen as another big boy’s toy, but it didn’t take long for them to prove their worth in a variety of fields. From a marine perspective, drones have plenty of potential, hence we are just starting to see saltwater-proof drones that can land and take off from the sea (soon […]

Raymarine ClearCruise Augmented Reality

ClearCruiseAR (Augmented Reality) is an impressive addition to Raymarine’s range of Axiom displays. It literally takes out all that guesswork over distinguishing vessels and navigation marks, and working out which AIS call sign is which, especially on a wet misty day. Looking at a two-dimensional chartplotter filled with information is fine, but then you have […]

Navico ID

Considering the deluge of high-tech electronics in recent years, Navico’s new ‘information display’, or ID for short, on the face of it looks like just another plotter. However, its tablet-like appearance and flush construction, combined with an impressive level of versatility, make it a one-stop station in terms of vessel management and control. An advanced […]

Raymarine’s latest VHF radios

Following the recent launch of their wireless VHF hub, Raymarine have now complemented this system with their ‘next-generation VHF DSC (Class D) radio range’, comprising the compact Ray53, the full-sized Ray63 and the multifunction Ray73 with AIS. Each new model is equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and connection point for an optional GPS/GNSS antenna, […]

Panoptix LiveScope – the next generation

PThe latest version of Garmin’s award-winning Panoptix LiveScope technology has given this interesting bit of technology a new twist. Producing both 30-degree forward and 30-degree down real-time scanning sonar views, it provides fishing with a new dimension. The latest single-array LiveScope LVS12 transducer is an economical solution for inland and near-shore anglers, without the need […]

Garmin Gadgets

Reactor Autopilot Remote The rugged, water-resistant Autopilot Remote boasts a bright, sunlight-readable colour display with a user-friendly design. With its programmable presets for quick access to your favourite functions, it is designed to let users control steering with ease – anywhere on the boat. Its most impressive feature is ‘gesture controls’ for heading hold and […]

Mercury Marine Now Offer Joystick Control for their 200hp – 225hp V6 Engines

Having first launched joystick control for their outboard range back in 2013, Mercury have now extended this to their new V6 range launched last year. This will be available for V6 3.4L 200hp and 225hp 4-stroke outboards with DTS and the 200hp SeaPro range with DTS. Previously only engines of 250hp and above had the […]

Yanmar 4LV Engine Range Now Available With ZT370 Sterndrive

YThe 4LV engine range launched last year by Yanmar is now being offered with their twin-prop ZT370 sterndrive. This compact 2.7L 4-cylinder engine comes in five outputs – 150hp, 170hp, 195hp, 230hp and 250hp – and with sterndrive fitted weighs in at a sprightly 446kg. All variations will be available with the ZT370, which, fitted […]

Used Boat: Finnmaster T8

It is no secret that used Scandinavian boats tend to be a bit thin on the ground in the UK, and Finnmaster are no exception. Their range of middleweight boats may be at the other end of the scale to the likes of Windy, but their craft are still typically Baltic. They are well built, […]

Used Boat: Ring 880

The 880 Sports RIB, first launched in 2010, is a purist driver’s boat, and is typically Ring, insomuch as it lacks some of the bells and whistles that adorn most pleasure boats today. The heritage of the 880’s triple-stepped hull (two full size and one half step forward) is well proven, as Mike Ring built […]

Falcon BR7

Bella boats have come up with some fine leisure platforms over the years. They’ve been responsible for the Aquador, Bella and Flipper lines, all of which have been radically (and very successfully) redesigned in recent years, and now they have added to that with an entirely new brand known as Falcon. This new four-strong fleet […]

Yamaha Raise the Bar with New FX Series

Every year the personal watercraft media are invited to an interesting and attractive location where they get to test the latest and greatest offering from a leading manufacturer. This year we were invited by Yamaha to Nazaré, a small but bustling resort on the Atlantic coast of Portugal about an hour’s drive north of Lisbon. […]

Stingher 900GT Hard Top

It would not be incorrect to say that RIBs have changed considerably over the last decade. That does not mean that conventional jockey-seated rigid inflatables have lost their following, just that the big inflatable has widened its appeal. Call it the Italian dimension. The Italians were a close second behind the Brits during the RIB […]

Robalo R302 & R272

There is no denying that the sports fisher centre console market is on the rise. Over the last few years, this segment of the market has doubled, especially in America, with most American manufacturers offering a centre console, utility-style craft in their line-up. This has seen a big rise in larger outboard sales and development, […]

Fairline Targa 43 Open

Reinventing the wheel is a sure way to get yourself noticed, but it does pose risks – one being the forfeiting of practicality in the pursuit of attention-grabbing novelty, the other being stylistic alienation, i.e. designing a product that doesn’t have the family look that repeat customers are often buying into. Fortunately, Fairline have avoided […]

Capelli 600 Top Line

Capelli have been established in the world of RIBs since 1974, and have become well known in the Mediterranean for their middleweight family boats and luxury tenders. UK-based Ideal Boat are importing the range, fitting them out with decking and electronics, and then having them rigged with Yamaha engines. The Top Line 600, by the […]

X Shore eElectric 8000 Preview

Making its debut at the Palma Boat Show last year, the Swedish-built X Shore eElectric 8000 is as distinctive as it is silent. Unusually, it is powered by dual inboard electric motors, enhancing its minimalistic uncluttered design. Each engine, a Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800, delivers 80hp – enough, it is claimed, for speeds of […]

Cranchi E26 Classic Preview

Cranchi’s take on the retro concept, though typically Italian, has a slightly different twist to its contemporaries. As its designer, Christian Grande, puts it, this boat combines both traditional and contemporary themes. He has reinterpreted the traditional concept by introducing some distinguishing and markedly modern traits, such as a vertical stem, long side windows and […]

Agapi 800 Preview

If you read last year’s Southampton Boat Show issue, you may recall the review on the unusual yet impressive Agapi 950. Hot on the heels of the 950, Agapi have just launched the 800, which is destined for our shores in early 2019 and looks just as serious as its bigger sibling. It is also […]